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Terra Cielo Mare - Zero Sen

Terra Cielo Mare - Zero Sen




The clock of the Rising Sun
Zero-Sen was the nickname given by the Americans during the Second World War to the flagship of the Japanese Navy, the Mitsubishi A6M, and perhaps the most important aircraft in Japanese war history. It was protagonist for most of the operations during the Second World War, including Pearl Harbour.
Lightweight, easy to handle, and fast, it was a model of true technological vanguard, particularly because of its hybrid nature, being both an aircraft carrier and aircraft.

With the help of associazione Ali Storiche, Terra Cielo Mare designed a commemorative aviation watch with nautical characteristics, as can be seen on the Zero-Sen’s dial, faithful to the original, with the 12 hours on the outside and 24 hours on the inside as well as equipped with a slip and skid inclinometer with indications in Japanese ideograms.
The real peculiarity of the Zero-Sen is the presence of a plaque made with the original aluminum of the Mitsubishi A6M. Limited edition of 88 pieces (with serial number on dial).

The lever ®
The crown has been substituted by a lever release system. When closed, it enables to charge, while, when open, it allows the release of the movement and the adjustment of time through the rotation of the bezel.

The back case
On the bottom of the Zero-Sen, a slip and skid inclinometer ® allows the pilot to orient the veer of the plane. On the two sides can be found the Japanese ideograms used to indicate left and right.

The original plaque
On the side of the Zero-Sen, an original plate of the Mitsubishi A6M, matriculation number A6M3MK3, model 32, serial number 3148, abandoned by the Japanese on the island of Taora in the south of the Pacific. The plate is of red coloring, for, part of the Rising Sun’s flag.

Technical specifications
• Italian design, Swiss Made
• Sanded titanium case with black PVD treatment
• Anti-magnetic
• Patented lever release system for charge and hour regulation ®
• Automatic TCM-3900 movement by Concepto
• Original Mitsubishi A6M plaque
• Small seconds at 3h
• Sapphire crystal anti-scratch/anti-reflection
• Screw sealed back case on two levels in sapphire crystal and titanium
• Patented inclinometer function inside back case ®
• Dial with applique index
• 43mm diameter
• 5 atmosphere impermeability
• Strap handcrafted in Italy with Terra Cielo Mare stitches
• Limited edition of 88 pieces

Strap specifications
• Spring bars 22 mm
• Buckle 20 mm